About Kingdom Creations

Kingdom Creations was created with a purpose: to provide all-natural skincare products for my family.  Years ago, each member of my family struggled with different skin conditions which persisted even after numerous doctors visits and medications.  I prayed to the Lord for guidance in finding a solution to these skin conditions and after intensive research and ongoing prayer, I developed our signature product: Miracle Healing Balm.  Each member of our family has found relief with its use! 

Sharing this testimony and Miracle Healing Balm with friends encouraged the development of more all-natural alternatives for skincare.  A friend suggested I offer these products to the public, and Kingdom Creations quickly grew into a family-owned business.  We commit our work unto the Lord with integrity, a sound work ethic, and compassion.  We pray for wisdom, knowledge, and revelation in creating the most effective skincare products.

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  • "One of my hands breaks out when coming into contact with certain things causing the skin to get painfully dry and crack. Only three applications with the miracle healing balm and my skin is back to normal. I am so impressed and excited to try out other Kingdom Creation products!"
    - Kaycie S.